NVFC, IAFC Team Up For Annual Safety, Health Week

This year’s International Fire/EMS Safety Week will focus on rules you can live by.

But, what makes the June 17-23 event unique is that the NVFC has partnered with the IAFC.

Officials from both organizations have been collaborating for months working to establish a new website. It’s chocked full of tips and activities, and will be updated over the next few months as the annual observance draws closer.

“We’re both after the same thing – healthy and safe firefighters and emergency personnel. It’s a win-win for everyone,” said Kimberly ­Quiros, NVFC spokesperson.

The NVFC promotes Rules of Engagement for Firefighter Health, while the IAFC pushes Rules of Safety.

During the week set aside to focus on personnel safety and health, crews are encouraged to get re-engaged to protect themselves.

Quiros said the NVFC’s firefighter heart-health program will be further promoted to encourage people to make good food choices.

In a prepared statement, IAFC President Al Gillespie said: “Survival in the fire and emergency service is like a coin, with operational safety on one side and a healthy lifestyle on the other,” said IAFC President Al Gillespie. “This is one of those cases where one plus one equals more than two. By offering a dual concentration this year, our goal is to reinforce the relationship between health and safety and the exponential return the combination can provide.”

Likewise, the head of NVFC shared the same sentiment. “Safety and health are two of the most critical issues facing firefighters and EMS personnel today, regardless of whether you are volunteer or career,” said NVFC Chairman Philip C. Stittleburg. “The entire fire service community must join together to create a culture where health and safety are a priority every day. The NVFC is pleased to partner with the IAFC to work towards this goal and make it a reality.”