Fire Truck Ads Proposed to Avoid Baltimore Closures

A Baltimore City councilman introduced a measure Monday night that would put advertisements on fire trucks to help save three fire companies currently slated for closure.

Councilman Pete Welch was inspired after seeing a school bus carrying a paid advertisement on its side and thinks the concept could help bring some desperately needed cash to the fire department, according to WBAL-TV

"I think it'll be tastefully done, and it should raise enough money so we don't have any closures or any companies shutting down," Welch said. "We'll just be able to have public safety intact in Baltimore City."

Baltimore Firefighters Union President Rick Hoffman said that he'll have to know more details before passing judgment.

"I'm not going to beat it up," he told the news station. "It's something new. We are getting ready to permanently close fire companies and, if this could help, we're wide open to the idea."

Michael Campbel, president of the Baltimore Fire Officers Union, said it's not something he'd like to see get out of control.

"One thing I want to make sure is I don't want the fire trucks going up the street looking like a NASCAR," he said.

Welch said he would rely on firefighters to guide design and placement of the ads.

A representative for the fire department told the news station that the chief is currently reviewing the proposal.