Bullet Pierces Indiana Fire Station, Hits Fire Truck

Someone fired a shot into a Wayne Township fire station, striking one of the fire trucks.

Firefighters from the station at 7606 W. 10th St. noticed Monday that the truck was leaking radiator coolant.

"They then discovered a penny-size hole in the grill that had also extended into a radiator hose," said Wayne Township fire Division Chief Mike Pruitt. "The initial assumption was that something had struck the front of the truck driving down the road."

As crews returned from a run later in the day, they found a small hole in the bay door of the firehouse, and thought it might match up with the hole in the fire truck.

"This morning, the department's maintenance staff found a slug from the bullet still in the truck," Pruitt said.

Investigators said the incident marked the second time within the last year that the station had been hit by gunfire.

"There is no evidence that indicates that the bullet was intentionally fired at the station," Pruitt said.

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