San Antonio Firefighters Have Close Call at Motel Blaze

San Antonio firefighters had a close call Friday afternoon when the rear of a burning motel collapsed on them.

Crews responded to the fire reported at the Studio 6 motel at Highway 281 and Rhapsody to find flames shooting through the structure, according to WOAI-TV.

The wind-fueled fire originated on the first floor of the hotel, extended to the attic and then spread to a neighboring building.

Fire Chief Charles Hood said that his firefighters had to rely on their training when the blaze quickly became out of control and a Mayday was called.

"That's one of those moments when your heart just goes to your feet because we have reports of firefighters trapped," he told the news station.

Luckily, all of the firefighters made it out safely and no injuries were sustained.

Hood said that winds played a big role in helping the fire grow, and that if the building did have firewall, they wouldn't have stopped it.

"With the winds, even if you have firewalls, if somebody puts a cable hole -- every little breach of a firewall for cable, electric, whatever is going to be a void. That firewall's not intact anymore."

Around 100 firefighters were on the scene and after the collapse, crews switched to a defensive fire attack to put out the blaze.