Volunteers, Part-Timers Get Pink Slips in Ohio


The pink slips came in the mail Thursday for all volunteers and part-time firefighters in one department in Ohio.

All of Hillsboro Fire and Rescue Company crews were notified that their services were no longer needed, according to the Highland County Press.

The department is now staffed by 12 career firefighters and a chief.

Hillsboro Fire Chief Jerry Powell told the paper that that the 12 volunteer firefighters and 14 part-time firefighters were notified by mail of the decision.

"It was my understanding that the volunteers got it in the mail today, and the part-timers had received it earlier," Powell said.

The cuts were made as a cost-cutting measure by the Hillsboro Administration after Paint and Hamer townships recently joined other county fire districts, instead of pursuing joining a proposed fire district with the city.

Scott Miller had worked as a volunteer firefighter for Hillsboro for 18 years. He told reporters receiving notice that he was no longer needed was tough to read.

"I grew up with Hillsboro firefighters," Miller said. "My dad was a Hillsboro firefighter."

Miller, the former president of the Highland County Firefighter's Association and former spokesperson for the volunteers told the paper: "It has been a privilege to serve the people of Hillsboro for the past 18 years. I would like to thank everyone for the community support."