Portland Firefighter Falls Through Floor During Blaze

A Portland firefighter had a close call while battling a blaze at a warehouse Friday afternoon.

The unidentified firefighter fell through a hole on the first floor of the structure but was able to stop himself with his arms and was helped out by his colleagues, according to The Oregonian.

Department spokesman Paul Corah told the newspaper that the firefighter declined to go to the hospital and remained at the scene.

Crews responded to the fire at the four-story concrete warehouse at 2715 S.E. Eighth Avenue around noon.

Officials said that workers were cutting metal in the building when the fire started and immediately evacuated.

Following the firefighter's close call, crews were ordered out and switched to a defensive attack.

Aerial ladders were used to spray water on the structure, brining the fire under control by around 3 p.m.

Firefighters stayed on the scene to monitor the building.