House Votes to Boost SAFER, FIRE Act Grants

The House has voted to increase funding for SAFER and FIRE Act grants. However, a measure to boost funding for USFA failed.

The spending issues were debated by Representatives over the past two days. Their 234-182 vote funds programs included in DHS through September 2013.

By voice vote, they approved an amendment to move $7.6 million from the Office of the Undersecretary's management account to FEMA Urban Search and Rescue

An amendment to restore the FIRE Act and SAFER programs to the FY12 levelS were approved by the House by voice vote on Wednesday.

The Senate version also funds FIRE and SAFER at the FY '12 level.

It will be considered later this summer by the Senate.

The House proposes funding the USFA at $42M, a reduction of nearly $2M while the Senate bill keeps funding the same was last year.