Six N.J. Firefighters Treated After 'Bug Bomb' Exposure

Six Jersey City firefighters who responded to a fire caused after "bug bombs" exploded were treated after they inhaled the fumes on Friday.

Crews responded to a small fire in an apartment unit at 771 Newark Avenue around 8:35 a.m. and removed their breathing apparatus before realizing there was a haze of residue from insecticide foggers and began having trouble breathing, according to The Jersey Journal.

Two captains and four firefighters were taken to a local hospital where they received oxygen and were released a few hours later, fire department Director Armando Roman told the newspaper.

The resident of the apartment unit told authorities that there were two "bug bombs" inside a cabinet and must have gone off on their own.

Last October, 12 Jersey City firefighters were hospitalized after responding to an explosion caused by an insect fogger in an apartment on Magnolia Avenue.