Child Playing With Fire Causes Colo. Homes to Burn

AURORA, Colo. -- Fire officials believe a child playing with fire caused an Aurora house fire that spread to a second house next door.

The fire was called in just after noon. The caller reported seeing fire possibly on the fence at 10684 East Lehigh Circle, said Aurora Fire Capt. Allen Robnett.

When crews arrived, the exterior of two homes were on fire and flames were moving up to the 2nd floors and attics.

A neighbor said two children and their older sister were in the home.

Dave Sunstrom, said he was walking upstairs when he heard crackling sounds. He looked outside, saw flames and called 911.

"I know there's family over there. I went over across the street to get children out along with the sister and usher them out to the other side of the street to the sidewalk," Sunstrom said.

He said the kids came out screaming and crying and their sister ran out with a pet.

"The flames by that time were getting pretty intense. The heat was amazing," Sunstrom said.

Robnett said he didn't know if the fire was started by matches, fireworks or other items, but he knows it was something incendiary.

"We don't have any indications of fireworks being involved with this fire. However, we do have a juvenile we believe was responsible for the fires in between the houses," Robnett said.

No injuries were reported.

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