Firefighters Hold Containment Line in Colo.

Firefighters managed to hold the containment line at the Waldo Canyon wildfire Thursday night and are optimistic they will be able to increase containment on Friday.


Firefighters are optimistic they will be able to increase the containment of the Waldo Canyon Fire Friday as President Barack Obama makes a visit to Colorado Springs to tour the devastation.

U.S. Wildfire Public Information Map

During a Friday morning news conference, Incident Commander Rich Harvey said the wildfire has burned 16,750 acres and is 15 percent contained.

Firefighters were able to build a fire line to the north of the fire, east of Highway 24. The focus Friday will be to build more fire line and increase containment.

Jerri Marr, supervisor of the Pike and San Isabel national forests where the blaze started, said favorable weather was a boon to firefighters Thursday.

"Yesterday we had great weather," she said. "Looks like we're going to have that same weather today."

Crews will be working extensively in the West Monument Creek area, which provides the majority of the Colorado Springs water, Harvey said.

The Waldo Canyon Fire has killed one person and burned 347 homes. The adult victim was found at a home at 2910 Rossmere St. in the Mountain Shadows subdivision. A second adult from the same address is missing, said Colorado Springs Police Chief Peter Carey.

The police chief said the home was searched after authorities received information about several missing persons.

The Mountain Shadows area was put on pre-evacuation notice about 1:30 p.m. Tuesday, and residents were part of the hurried evacuation hours later.

Less than 10 people are unaccounted for after the fire, officials said earlier, although they cautioned that the people simply may not have checked in at one of the many shelters.

Thorough searches of burned homes will begin on Friday.

Officials say they will release a list of homes destroyed or damaged by the fire. Officials say a list will be posted at the website by midmorning Friday.

Officials cautioned the number of homes that were burned in the fire could rise.

Officials said 20,085 homes and 160 commercial structures are still threatened.

"We now know hundreds of homes have been destroyed," said Colorado Springs Mayor Steve Bach. "We are working through the process, which is very painstaking, of assessing every address to make sure that we have absolutely accurate information on each address. The worst thing we could do would be to put out information that's inaccurate."

A public meeting was held Thursday evening at the UCCS Gallogly Events Center for those affected by the fire. The meeting was not open to the general public.

These are the streets where homes were lost in the fire:

- Trevor Lane

- Linger Way

- Rossmere Street

- Tallesson Court

- Sandray Court

- Majestic Drive

- Ravina Court

- Regal View Road

- Stoneridge Drive

- Heartstone Lane

- Karamy Court

- Lionsgate Lane

- Hot Springs Court

- Jenner Court

- Brogans Bluff

- Darien Way

- Rayburn Way

- Braeburn Way

- Timora Way

- Mirror Lake Court

- Wilson Road

- Harbor Pines Point

- Yankton Place

- Chambrey Court

- Charing Court

- Courtney Drive

- Vantage Vista Drive

- Vantage Ridge Court

- Huffman Court

- Aubrey Way

- Van Reen Drive

- Alabaster Way

- Capra Way

- Lannigan Street

The number of homes destroyed in the Waldo Canyon Fire is the most in Colorado history, according to Micki Trost, public information officer for the State Division of Emergency Management.

The cause of the fire has not yet been determined.

A Family's Memories 'Just Burned' In Blaze

After waiting for two days, Rebekah and Byron Largent learned from lists distributed by authorities that their home was among the hundreds that burned to the ground in the most destructive wildfire ever to rage across Colorado.

It was especially hurtful as their house was destroyed on their daughter Emma's first birthday.

"Our minds just started sifting through all the memories of that house that we lost that can't be replaced," Rebekah Largent said Thursday night. "She remembered her wedding dress, a grandmother's china, the rocking chair where the couple would sit with Emma.

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