Colo. Residents Thank Firefighters Battling Wildfire

As the battle to contain the Waldo Canyon Fire draws to a close, residents in Colorado Springs are taking the time to say "thanks" to the firefighters who have worked long hours and risked their lives to protect them and their homes.

Signs hanging from windows, marquees, highway overpasses and held by residents as firefighters pass by can be seen throughout the city lauding the actions of fire crews over the past week, according to KXRM-TV.

"I made it for the firefighters," first-grader Addison Janczuk told the news station while standing next to her sign. "It says 'God be with you.'"

The signs vary in size, shape and creativity. Jake Vanlanschoot picked his up from a store while a local artist who goes by "Epykology" spent his Fourth of July spray painting a massive sign at 31st Street and Highway 24.

"All their hard work stopped what could have gone a lot further," the artist told KXRM-TV while he worked on his sign.

Vanlanschoot said he just wanted to give thanks.

"I think it's definitely important," he said. "It shows the firefighters that the community is behind them. Without them, we wouldn't be here."

Colorado Springs firefighter Aaron Moriuchi said that the support and appreciation from area residents makes the job well worth it.

"Some say 'thank you for saving our home' and you see a little girl holding it up," he said. "It's nice to see that. It absolutely makes us feel like we're making a difference."