Explosive Device in Dumpster Injures Pa. Firefighter

A Uniontown firefighter suffered temporary hearing loss after an explosive device went off while he was battling a dumpster fire early Thursday morning.

Firefighter Todd Fullem, 40, was extinguishing the flames shortly after midnight at the Pershing Court housing complex when the blast threw him to the ground, according to The Tribune-Review.

Police say a crowd of people gathered in the area cheered after the firefighter was hurt and had to be dispersed by officers.

Fullem drove himself to Uniontown Hospital and was treated for temporary hearing loss and released.

Lt. Dane Griffith told the newspaper that he may require follow-up visits, but is cleared to return to duty.

Crews responded to at least two other fires in the complex overnight -- including another in a dumpster -- and eventually decided to douse all of the dumpsters to prevent other fires from occurring.