Philly Firefighter Won't Be Reprimanded for Sharing Air

A Philadelphia firefighter will not be reprimanded for sharing his SCBA with a victim he rescued from a blaze last week.

And, his air isn't the only thing Fran Cheney is sharing with Mary Jackson either.

He gave her $500 of his overtime pay to help her get back on her feet, according to WTXF-TV.

Cheney has been chided by colleagues for lending his mask to Jackson Wednesday after finding her gasping for breath in a smoked-choked room on the second floor of the warehouse.

“I take a quick breath, rip my helmet off, give her the mask – it’s on positive pressure, which means it just blows smoke away from her and I just say, ‘Let’s go,’” Cheney told reporters.

Cheney then carried Jackson to safety before collapsing and being hospitalized with smoke inhalation.

“I was told,” said Cheney, ‘that wasn’t very smart.’”

“Protocols are not sharing your air with someone,” Lloyd Ayers told reporters, adding “the result made it worth it at that point, and that’s how we look at it..."