Two Baltimore Fire Companies Officially Disbanded

Two of the three Baltimore fire companies set to close were officially disbanded on Monday.

Truck 15 in East Baltimore and Squad 11 in Southeast Baltimore were shut down and the crews that worked on those units have been sent to other fire companies, according to WMAR-TV.

Truck 10 in West Baltimore has been given three more months and will now close in October.

All three companies were to be closed last week, but Fire Chief James Clack kept them open to help deal with the power outages that resulted from the windstorms that hit the area.

"We've lost two valuable resources in our fight to keep the city safe," Union President Rick Hoffman told the news station.

Fire officials say Engine 33 and eventually an ambulance are expected to provide the same level of service at the firehouse known as the "Hotel Montford."

"I don't want people to feel that if a truck company is not on the scene and they need to be rescued that that's not going to take place," department spokesman Kevin Cartwright said.