HFSC Calls on FDs to Help Dispel Sprinkler Myths

Two months ago, The Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition introduced a new series of public service announcements and is looking to partner with fire departments to spread the message.

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Each of the three PSAs -- meant to dispel fire sprinkler myths fueled by Hollywood -- spoofs a movie set where a burglar tires to clear a room of people by setting off a sprinkler system.

In the first video, the burglar finds that smoke will not set off a fire sprinkler and in the second and third, he finds that the heat from a fire only sets off the fire sprinkler above him and does not set off the entire system.

To make their message heard, the organization is offering a $1,000 stipend to help fire departments customize the PSAs with logos and contact information and have them show on local TV stations, news websites and movie theaters.

Apply Here

Departments must be signed up for the Built for life Fire Department Program in order to apply.

Fifty fire departments will be selected for the stipend program. Also, customization will be provided for free to an additional 100 departments.

"These PSAs allow our Built for Life Fire Departments to reach out to their local communities and teach them about home fire sprinklers in a new way that is both funny and informative," HFSC Board Chair Gary Keith said in a statement.