San Antonio Crews Rescue Man From Swollen River

San Antonio firefighters rescued a man after he became stranded in a rain-swollen river Wednesday morning.

Crews were calle4d to the San Antonio River near the 2000 block of Roosevelt around 9:15 a.m. and found 26-year-old Santos Oliva stranded, according to WOAI-TV.

The man was reportedly taking a nap along the river before heavy rains caused the river to swell.

"It was just real cold. And it came up really quick," Oliva said. "It was just flooded everywhere. I just couldn't get out."

He said that the water was already wait-high on Oliva by the time firefighters arrived and threw a rope down to him and that by the time a department raft arrived, it was up to his shoulders.

There were approximately four units and about 15 personnel that responded to the scene, Fire Captain Roger Santos told the news station.

Officials say Oliva will not face any fines, since there were no barricades up in the area.