Montreal Firefighter Hit by Fire Truck Dies

A Montreal firefighter was hit and killed by the fire truck upon which he rode to a call on Friday night.

According to the local newspaper, The Montreal Gazette, 38-year-old Firefighter Thierry Godfrind was killed responding to a call in which a man had locked himself out of his home with a pot being heated on a stove.

While fire operations were taking place, Godfrind, who has not been named pending notification, was struck, according to the newspaper. Other sources say the fire apparatus backed over the firefighter.

Two other firefighters on the scene were brought to the hospital to be treated for shock, the newspaper reported and all firefighters on the scene have been offered psychological support.

The incident occurred in Ville St. Laurent and Godfrind was part of a team responding to the call along with apparatus from two other stations.

The incident is under investigation by the fire department, the Montreal police and the Commission de la Santé et de la Sécurité du travail, the province’s workplace safety board, according to the newspaper.

Godfrind firefighter had been with the Montreal department since March 2010, according to the newspaper.

The last time a Montreal firefighter died while responding to a call was in 2006.