Video Released in North Las Vegas Training Incident

The North Las Vegas Fire Department has released video of the training incident officials say was behind the decision to place the fire chief on paid leave.

Four firefighters were injured in the live burn in January and city administrators say Fire Chief Al Gillespie should be held accountable, according to KTNV-TV

The Positive Pressure Attack Training Academy program included departments from around the area and the North Las Vegas fire union says that Gillespie should not be suspended because the training was facilitated by a third party.

City officials, however, point to the fact that the training was hosted by the fire department and was paid for by grants it applied for back in 2010.

Union officials claim that the real reason the chief was suspended is because he didn't publicly support the city's recent budget cuts.

A recent study into the incident by SQS Consulting, which is headed by retired Clark County Fire Chief Steven Smith, does not recommend removing top personnel from their positions.