Rescue Tools Presentation Back at Firehouse Expo

The class is a resurrection of a presentation that had been led by the late Chief Ray Downey of FDNY, who perished in the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

Conboy and Duemmel also showed rope rescue systems from CMC Rescue and Petzl. Duemmel explained some features of the CMC harness system designed to keep the rescuer safe, even if inverted, with a shoulder strap system.

A new thermal imaging camera from Scott Health and Safety was shown by Conboy, who said the new device incorporates Scott’s Pak-Tracker firefighter location device in it.

“This tool is for us to go in and find our own,” Conboy said, holding up the new camera.

Both Conboy and Duemmel encouraged the people who attended their presentation to visit the vendors on the show floor to learn more about the products and what they have available. Duemmel said manufacturers are most often enthusiastic to learn what departments need and want and will work with firefighters and rescuers to develop products and tools to get the job done.

Conboy reminded the students that technology and tools are all well and good but there’s one additional component that should never be forgotten.

“The best tool is a firefighter’s head,” Conboy said. “Use it.”