Importance of Developing Best Practices Discussed

Chesterfield, Va. Battalion Chief Mark Nugent, who spoke at Firehouse Expo, said implementation of ideas should follow the schedule of planning, and that failure should not be a deterrent.

If all goes as plan, Nugent and Senter will be back at Firehouse Expo in 2013 to share best practices in 12 areas including: firefighter safety, firefighter health and wellness, fireground operations, EMS, training and education, administrative support, fiscal management, recruitment and retention, fire prevention, maintenance and logistics, fire and life-safety public education and customer service initiatives.

"We think we've got all the topics covered, but if someone has number 13, let us know and we'll include that as well," Nugent said. "... We really just want to be able to share best practices and hopefully this will take off after a slow burn."

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