Patient Killed After Ky. FD Ambulance Hit Head On

A patient was killed and two members of the Gallatin County Fire/EMS Department were injured after an ambulance collided with an SUV allegedly fleeing the scene of an earlier incident Tuesday morning.

A dialysis patient, who was being transported to a local clinic for treatment when the crash occurred around 10 a.m. on US 127 near Glencoe, died at the hospital, according to WKRC-TV.

The ambulance was on a non-emergency run without lights and sirens when the Jeep Cherokee hit the unit head-on, causing it to flip and land upside down.

The ambulance driver attempted to avoid the oncoming motorist, but was unable to do so.

Kentucky State Police say Hunter Legrand, 22, was the driver of the SUV and that drugs were involved.

Legrand allegedly drove off a road into a utility line connector and knocked down several wires before speeding away minutes before the deadly crash occurred.

It took firefighters more than 20 minutes to extricate him from his vehicle. He was transported by helicopter to University Hospital along with an EMT. The ambulance driver was transported to a local hospital by ambulance.

Charges against Legrand are expected, but have not yet been filed.