Helmet Cam Video: Pennsylvania Mayday Response

A mid-July blaze at a Middletown Township apartment complex that trapped four firefighters was captured by a helmet camera and released on Friday.

Newtown Firefighter/EMT Cody Stoner posted the video to YouTube on July 27 and believes that it can be used by departments around the country as a training tool.

"Talk about what went well and critique what you think should have been done differently," he says in the post.

Around 125 firefighters from fire departments throughout Bucks County responded to the lightning-sparked blaze at the three-story Windsor at Harper's Crossing apartments on July 15 shortly after 10 p.m.

As the video begins, Stoner exits Ladder 45 as he and his crewmembers make their way to toward the flames seen going through the roof of the structure.

At the one-minute, seven-second mark in the video, firefighters are ordered to pull out of the third floor.

Newtown's Rescue 45 was set to act as the RIT, but the unit was still en route to the fire. Stoner's crew took over RIT operations.

At the one-minute, 43-second mark, the first Mayday is called. According to Stoner, there were four firefighters on the third floor when the roof collapsed.

Just after the two-minute mark, the two firefighters who called the Mayday jumped over the second-floor railing onto a small overhang and were rescued by firefighters using ground ladders.

At the two-minute, eight-second mark, the second mayday was sounded for the remaining two firefighters. After their location was given, Stoner's crew went in for them.

As they climb the stairs up to the second floor, one of the two firefighters can be seen on the floor and the other can be seen making his way through the flames down the stairway.

All of the firefighters safely evacuated the building.

The injured firefighters sustained only minor injuries and were treated and released from area hospitals.