Calif. Chiefs Talk About 'Optimal Outcome' Program

Orange County Fire Authority officials spoke at Fire-Rescue International.

Regarding training, a member of the department’s Training and Safety section noticed that they had lost a number of their most experienced Truck firefighters and that there was an overall decrease in skill level. So, the department did a “Truck Academy” at a cost of $67,000 that they reallocated from other budgets and justified by the increase in performance.

Lessons Learned

Among the lessons learned in adopting their “Optimal Outcome” process, the chiefs said, were to formalize the concept; design tools to help; get labor buy-in; provide a good introduction of the concept; be thoughtful with the pace of changes made; and to realize that even with all these efforts you will at times get the wrong outcome.

However, as Richter noted, the best way to get good ideas is to have a lot of ideas.

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