Embattled Texas Fire Chief Retires Amid Controversy

The chief of the Montana Vista Fire Rescue, who is under criminal investigation by the Sheriff's Office, has retired from the volunteer fire department in far East El Paso County.

The petition doesn't state any reasons why Younger should be removed from office.

"For 20 years I've been the No. 1 responder and have run more calls than anyone," Younger said. "I take care of the station and everything involved with it."

A similar petition has been circulating to oust Ostrenga, though it hasn't officially been presented at a station membership meeting, according to documents obtained by the Times.

County Judge Veronica Escobar, who has been working to overhaul the Emergency Services Districts, said the ESDs and the individual fire stations need more accountability and oversight.

Escobar said she has received numerous complaints from the volunteers within the fire stations and the districts, as well as from the community they serve.

"ESDs need to have greater oversight and accountability when it comes to the volunteer fire departments," Escobar said. "Otherwise, we are not guarding against the misuse of public funds."

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