Worcester Workshop Focuses on Future Technology

Users and developers at the DHS and WPI Precision Indoor Personnel Location and Tracking Annual Technology Workshop proposed ideas for “what’s next for first responders.“

The group also discussed technology that might predict flashover, but qualified their thinking saying that firefighters should always be aware of their situations at all times and not rely on equipment to predict events.  Some in the group suggested an addition to the SCBA that would help determine when it was necessary to don or doff the breathing apparatus during overhaul operations.

Homeland Security Program Manager Jalal Mapar, one of the primary organizers of the tracker location workshop, said it’s likely that next year’s workshop will expand to include some of the other technology suggested by the group.

“The whole purpose it to investigate all systems and to improve upon common duties shared among firefighters,” Mapar said, noting that the tracker workshops might be just the conduit into the larger technology issues.  “This workshop is known for holding our feet to the fire. Let’s not lose that focus.”