Firefighter Battling Wildfire Forced to Deploy Shelter

A wildland firefighter was forced to deploy her emergency shelter after losing physical contact with her crew while battling the Holloway Fire on the Oregon-Nevada border Sunday.

The unidentified female federal firefighter received medical attention after suffering minor injuries and was taken to Humboldt General Hospital in Winnemucca and has since been released, according to The Reno Journal-Gazette.

The other members of her crew made it to a safety zone during the fire, but she fell behind and was forced to deploy her shelter -- a sleeping bag-shaped tent with an aluminum foil outing that reflects heat.

While Bureau of Land Management Winnemucca spokesman Chris Rose told the newspaper they lost physical contact, communication was not completely lost.

"She was cut off from the group. They were in contact. They were able to speak to her or talk to her on radio or by voice," Rose said.

Officials said an investigation into the incident is ongoing.

Holloway Fire was started by lightning on Aug. 5 and more than 500 firefighters have been working to establish fire lines around the 336,152-acre blaze burning in northwestern Humboldt County into southeastern Oregon.

The wildfire is currently 48 percent contained.