Wash. Firefighters Battling Wildfire Help Hungry Doe

A group of Eastside firefighters battling the Taylor Bridge Fire in Central Washington gained a new friend while at their camp.

They came in contact with a hungry doe who was nursing but without food because her feeding ground was destroyed by the fire and were eager to help, according to NorthWest Cable News.

The doe was the only deer in her group that would come up to the firefighters.

"Something told us she was in need of calories badly," Firefighter Cody Ramstad said.

He said that the firefighters gave the deer apples and honey oat bars from their lunches, along with anything else they had they knew wouldn't make her sick. After eating, she would go back to her fawn to nurse.

"It was a welcomed interaction for all of us given the initial chaos of the first few days of the fire," he said.