Illinois Fire Truck Stolen Before Being Wrecked

A Williamson County Fire Protection District fire apparatus was stolen on Tuesday before being wrecked, and the suspected culprit is now behind bars.

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The call came in just before noon on Tuesday after a sheriff's deputy watched the fire truck skid off of Crenshaw Road before rolling over at the bottom of an embankment, according to KFVS-TV.

Fire Chief Jeremy Norris said at first they feared that it was one of his own guys who had crashed but soon found out that it was instead a thief.

"It makes us a whole lot angry," he told the news station. "It went from the anxiety of the fear of somebody being injured, to somebody stole our truck."

The 22-year-old suspect was transported to Regional Medical Center for treatment of injuries before being arrested and taken to the Williamson County Jail.

Norris said the 2011 rig will cost the department more than $250,000 to replace and that the department will now have to use a 25-year-old reserve truck.