Fla. Crew Aids Police by Blocking Stolen Ambulance With Engine

The crew aboard a Key West fire engine aided police blocking an ambulance allegedly stolen by a tourist on Sept. 2.

Crystal Dawn Clampitt was arrested and charged following the joyride down Duval Street around 2:30 a.m., according to WTVJ.

A police report states that when the 22-year-old "decided to take the ambulance in an attempt to gain the attention of law enforcement" after she was unable to locate her friend.

Officers pursued the unit that had its light on but no siren after first spotting it and then receiving a report it was stolen.

The nearby fire engine got in front of the ambulance and applied its brakes, blocking Clampitt in at 305 Duval Street in front of Fat Tuesday's.

She was then removed from the vehicle and taken into custody.

Clampitt was booked at the Monroe County Detention Center before being released later in the day on $7,500 bond.