Ind. Cops to Fight Fires; Firefighters to Carry Cuffs

In one Indiana town, cops are being trained to fight fires and firefighters will be arresting and cuffing bad guys.

Tonight, the first class of cross-trained responders in Whitestown will raise their right hands, according to

A strained public safety budget forced the town to get creative, officials say.

“It’s just a matter of changing roles if they pull up in the middle of the night and there is a residence and there is smoke showing. They are going to be popping their police gear gun belts off, stepping into their fire gear and taking on that role,” Whitestown Police Chief Dennis Anderson told reporters.

Fire training for police officers takes about two weeks but firefighters who get training in law enforcement must attend a 16-week police academy.

The town’s first female officer is set to graduate, making her also Whitestown’s first female firefighter.