Vandal Destroys San Diego FD 9/11 Memorial

SAN DIEGO, Calif. --A vandal ruined a model of the twin towers built by volunteers early Tuesday.

10News spoke with firefighters who are upset by the vandalism.

The memorial was dedicated to the city last year to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the September 11 terrorist attacks.

Witnesses said an unknown woman smashed one of the towers, leaving the piece with dents and scratches.

Volunteers built the display and one of the pieces came from a steel beam from the original towers in New York City.

To add to the sting, the vandalism occurred shortly after midnight outside Fire Station 21 on Sept. 11.

Firefighter Jeff Kaimer said the vandalism occurred just as he was returning from a call.

"We just got back from a call and heard what sounded like a manhole cover being dropped to ground. I just had a bad feeling about it," said Kaimer. "Looked out one of the upstairs windows, saw a female coming from this area, headed towards the beach, by the time I got down here, there was nobody around."

Police are investigating the incident and they say a surveillance camera from 7-Eleven across the street may have captured footage that will help them find the vandal.

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