Responding New Jersey Apparatus Involved in Crash

A Niagara Fire Company rescue truck collided with a car while responding to a call Tuesday afternoon.

Crews responded to the scene in Burlington Township around 2:15 p.m. after a fisherman spotted a body floating in Sylvan Lake, according to The Burlington County Times.

The crash involving the apparatus occurred at High Street and northbound Route 130 minutes after the call came in.

Police told the newspaper that the rescue truck was crossing Route 130 when it was struck in the rear passenger side wheel by an oncoming car.

A witness said the rescue truck had its lights and sirens activated and that other vehicles had stopped or slowed for the apparatus.

The man driving the car was knocked unconscious in and was transported to Cooper University Hospital and was listed in stable condition.

A firefighter also was taken to a local hospital but was not seriously injured.

Police are currently investigating the collision.