IAFC Revives National Fire Fighter Near-Miss Program, For Now

The IAFC has come through to breathe life into the National Fire Firefighter Near-Miss Reporting System, at least for the immediate future.

Earlier this week, the IAFC learned its program to help save responders was turned down for a federal grant.

On Thursday, the IAFC announced it was funding the program, and it will remain operational through the end of October. Money also is coming from the organization's Safety, Health and Survival Section as well as its EMS Section.

"We've been very pleased that a number of private funders have come forward to express interest in preserving this program," Mark Light, IAFC CEO and executive director said in a prepared statement. "We've been actively exploring alternatives to grant funding for many years with little opportunity to move the concept forward, so it's a pleasant surprise to see folks interested in stepping up now."

IAFC President Hank Clemmensen said he intends to establish a task force to determine if there are stakeholders willing to help fund the program.

The news that the program that allows responders to share near-misses anonymously was not being funded comes on the heels of announcement that 5,000 reports had been submitted.