Man Breaks N.H. Firehouse Windows, Struggle Ensues

Gilford firefighters had an unwelcome visitor late Sunday night when an apparently intoxicated man banged on two overhead garage windows at the fire station, breaking them.

Firefighters were about to respond to a call when they heard the sound of breaking glass, according to The Union Leader.

Fire Chief Stephen Carrier said that glass was sent throughout the apparatus bay.

One firefighter was struck by the pieces of glass and suffered small lacerations to his neck and the back of his head, but none of them required treatment and he remained on duty.

The man, who showed up at the firehouse on Cherry Valley Road around 9:39 p.m., briefly entered the station before fleeing for his vehicle across the street.

Firefighters followed him back to his vehicle and saw a female passenger who he was arguing with.

When police arrived, they found the man and three firefighters struggling on the pavement. As he was carried away by officers, he continued to struggle and had to be pepper sprayed.

One firefighter, who was injured while trying to subdue him, drove himself to a local hospital after being relieved of duty.

"This is a highly unusual and unexpected incident," Carrier said in a statement. "It upsets me that two of our guys were injured, but thankfully, they will be okay."

Benjamen Page, 19, was charged with resisting arrest, disorderly conduct, and criminal mischief in the incident.

He sustained lacerations to his hands and arms from punching the windows and was transported to Lakes Region General Hospital.

After treatment, he was brought to the Belknap County Jail for protective custody.