Firefighters Like What They See From 'Chicago Fire'

After the premiere of the new NBC drama "Chicago Fire" Wednesday night, how do the city's bravest think themselves and their profession were portrayed?

Firefighters and department brass, who spoke to WMAQ-TV after a special screening last week, had only good things to say.

"It was very realistic. It portrays what firefighters do in a good light and what our work is all about," Firefighter David Gates told the news station.

Firefighter Mike Doherty agreed.

"I think it's to the T. It's everything that we do," he said. "Via the firehouse and the street, it's exactly how we do operate."

The fire station featured on the show is Engine House 18.

Filming was done on a regular basis at the firehouse and the studio set is an exact replica, officials said.

The stars of the show also trained with Chicago firefighters in preparation for filming.

"It's pretty impressive the lengths they went to get it right," department spokesman Kevin MacGregor said.

The show airs on Wednesday at 9 p.m. ET on NBC.