Blanket-Giving Detroit Paramedic Won't be Suspended

The blanket-giving Detroit paramedic won’t be suspended, but he still faces discipline because he apparently didn’t properly document he was involved in a cover-up.

On Sept. 18, Jeff Gaglio gave a blanket to an elderly man forced out into the cold after a house fire. Since then, the city has been inundated with covers, The Detroit News reported.

Since the incident went viral, several Facebook pages have been established. A rally is planned for Friday with attendees encouraged to bring a blanket, not for comfort, but for the fire department.

The blanket at the center of the controversy was considered to be city property although it was donated by a non-profit organization.

On Tuesday, Detroit Fire Commissioner Don Austin told the media that ­­Gaglio was not disciplined for giving away property but "for failing to follow department policy related to inventory accounting for an ambulance."

"It is the Fire Department's policy to assist the public in any way possible, including comfort in times of need; definitive care for the injured and ill; transportation to medical facilities; and protection from risk hazards to the greatest possible extent. The members of the Detroit Fire Department are compassionate EMS personnel and firefighters who are committed to protecting the safety of the citizens of Detroit and the public at large," he said in a prepared statement.