Maryland Utility Crew Puts Out Fire, Saves Toddler

UPPER MARLBORO, Md. -- Prince George's County fire officials say that a PEPCO crew saved a three-year-old's life when they noticed a fire at a house, went in to alert the residents, and put out most of the blaze themselves.

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According to fire officials, a fire broke out in the kitchen of a home in the 2600 block of Ritchie-Marlboro Road in Upper Marlboro at approximately 9 a.m. Wednesday. A PEPCO crew in the area was there to perform scheduled work and noticed the fire.

Fire spokesperson Mark Brady wrote on this blog on Wednesday, "the PEPCO crew entered the home and yelled out several times to see if anyone was in the house. Hearing no response they used a dry chemical extinguisher from their truck, entered the kitchen area and were successful in knocking down the bulk of the fire."

The fire may have started in a trash can, according to Brady, and when they extinguished most of the fire they also stopped toxic smoke from filling up the house.

The mother who lived in the home had been away at the time walking her older children to the bus stop but came back shortly after the PEPCO crew put out most of the fire. She was able to get the three-year-old from upstairs before they all went outside to wait for the firefighters to arrive at the house.

Firefighters soon put out the fire that was left.

No one was hurt during the fire.

Republished with permission of WUSA-TV