Tennessee Firefighter Responds to Wife's Wreck

A response to a two-vehicle wreck was personal for a Smyrna firefighter last month after he found out his wife was inside a car that was totaled.

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"The other car was much more severely damaged and had a lot of intrusion into the driver's space, the door was crushed in and then I realized it was my car and my wife inside it," Firefighter Jeff Williams told WTVF.

The collision left his wife, Robin, trapped inside and unable to call and warn him before his crew arrived.

"I realized when I looked up that I was probably in my husband's zone," she told the news station. "I was just worried that he was going to worry."

He stayed by her side as his fellow firefighters extricated her from the vehicle.

She sustained cuts to her arm, but no serious injuries and has since recovered from the crash.

They lost their car in the crash, but Williams said that the only thing that matters is that his wife is safe.

"It's no big deal to lose a thing, but it is a big deal to lose a person," he said.