Sandy, Volunteers Make for Quiet Angels' Night

Detroit officials are expected to release the number of suspicious fires responded to between Oct. 29 and Oct. 31 later today.

The Detroit Fire Department saw a 51 percent decrease in Angels Night fires on and leading up to Halloween night in 2011, and all indications point to 2012 continuing that trend, according to The Detroit News.

Officials are crediting the volunteer effort, along with weather brought by Superstorm Sandy, for a relatively calm couple of nights.

"It has almost been no different from any other day in the city," Firefighter Bruce McMurtry told the newspaper Halloween night. "So many volunteers are out that the number of fires didn't really go up but the amount of calls did because people are calling in everything."

He added that firefighters had to worry more about downed power lines from the storm than they did arsonists.

Angels' Night, which began in 1995 following decades of Devil's Night vandalism and arson, the number of fires intentionally set during the Halloween period has dropped.