Iowa House Fire Claims Three Kids, Adult

An electical cord tucked in a sofa is being blamed for a house fire in Iowa that claimed the lives of three children and an adult.

Lake City Police Officer Dana Cook saw smokeearly Tuesday morning, followed it, and found the house fully engulfed in flames, according to KTIV.

"...Flames bursting from the window. Smoke coming from the entire perimeter of the house,"  Lake City Police Chief Bobby Rist told reporters.

In the house were Tyra Pierson, 23, her 10-month-old son Xavier Pierson as well as Tyra's little sister and brother; Madison, 8, Pierson and Wyatt Pierson.3.

Great Aunt Linda Barthman said Officer Cook tried to get inside the burning house to help, but couldn't.

"He was just devastated because he couldn't get in. He could not get in, too much smoke, too hot. He couldn't get in. He was so helpless. He was crying. He just couldn't," she said.

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"They were full of life, everyone. You fell in love with them when you met them," Barthman.

Lake City Fire Chief Mel Alcox says a worn electrical cord from a lamp got stuck in the cushions of a couch, overheated, and started the couch on fire.