Mass. Ladder Truck Slides on Icy Street, Hits Car

Icy conditions caused Worcester (Mass.) Fire Department’s Ladder Two to slide sideways down a hilly side street in the city on Sunday night. There were no injuries.

According to local television station WHDH TV7, the firefighters had stopped the truck and gotten off to chalk the wheels when the tractor-drawn tiller ladder jack knifed and started sliding down the hill covered in ice which had not been treated.

The firefighters were summoned to the street for a report of a car that had crashed into a house because of the slick roads, according to the station.

The ladder truck apparently slid the whole block before it stopped after the tiller portion hit a parked car, the station reported.

A woman and her niece’s 6-year-old son were just getting out of a parked mini-van when they noticed the truck coming at them down the hill. They ran to get out of the way, but slipped on the ice and fell. The fire truck stopped before before it reached them, but the car the truck hit was pushed into the mini-van they had just gotten out of, the television station said.