Ore. Apparatus Skids on Ice, Hits Guardrail

No injuries or serious damage was reported after a Portland, Ore. ladder truck slid on ice while responding to call for aid of injured bicyclist on Wednesday morning. The truck from Station 4 was responding uphill and hit the patch of ice as firefighters were arriving at the bicycle wreck.

 The bicyclist was up and walking around when the truck and an ambulance arrived.  The patient was moved to the ambulance and transported safely to the hospital.

No injuries were associated with the fire truck sliding into the guard rail. The ice was reportedly caused when the drainage along the side of the road became blocked with leaves which his caused water to flow over the roadway and freeze in the cold weather.

A sand truck was brought in to spread material to provide traction on the ice and a tow truck helped to free the fire truck. 

The fire truck was completely undamaged as the impact occurred at the tire; however there was some damage to the guard rail that it hit.