N.H. Ladder Truck Collides With Car on Snowy Road

A Manchester (N.H.) fire department aerial apparatus collided with a car on slippery roads over the weekend.

According to a report broadcast by WMUR 9, the local television station, three were no serious injuries to the occupant of the car or to the firefighters in the truck.

The aerial was returning to the station on Saturday night when the collision occurred, according to the television station. It had been dispatched to a electrical fire that set off an alarm.

At the time the streets were covered with snow and there was low visibility because of a storm in the area. The operator of the car was not able to stop at the intersection of Calef Road and Harrington Avenue and the truck and the car collided.

According to a report published by the Union Leader, the local newspaper, the fire apparatus was making a left turn when the crash occurred. The front of the car ended up under the bumper of the fire truck.

The truck sustained bumper damage that might keep it out of service for up to two weeks while officials acquire and then have it installed.

In the meantime, a ladder from the Mammoth Road station will replace the damaged apparatus.

The newspaper reported there won’t be any citations issued, but the officer investigating the scene said it appeared the apparatus driver may have been at fault.