Agencies Awarded AEDs After Cardiac Science Contest

Ten fire and police departments around the country are gearing up to implement much-needed AEDs won through the Cardiac Science online contest held in partnership with

The new AED will be housed in their headquarters but will be taken out by whoever is on patrol. They hope to eventually get more units so they can keep them in each car. All the members are certified in CPR and AED, but have never had the tools to use the AED training. “There are times it would have been very helpful,” Delman said.

The village has a large bar community, he said, and their members are often first on scene. Currently all they can do is CPR, but an AED will allow them to help further until the fire department or full EMS response arrives.

“I’m just very happy that we had this opportunity to enter and win,” Delman said. “I’m hoping it’s a stepping stone to getting all of our cars outfitted and showing the county how important it is.”

Licking County, Ohio

Licking County is the second largest county in Ohio, and is a very rural area where backup is 20-30 minutes away, said Deputy Keri Hoskinson.

The do have some AEDs in cruisers now, however, “some are starting to get old and have to come out of service,” she said. This one will go in a cruiser, and the department is very excited to have it, Hoskinson said.

She added that officers have had to deploy their AEDs several times, including at one recent incident in late January.

AEDs are an issue close to home for this agency, she said, because the very first time they had to use one, was when a sergeant responded to the cardiac event of on an off-duty dispatcher.  As a result, “She did survive and is still working for us today,” Hoskinson said. “…We really value the AEDs we have.”

They currently have 23 on patrol vehicles and would like to get seven more deputies covered.

The additional winning law enforcement agencies were Carbon County, Mont.; Morris County, N.J.; and the Waverly Police Dept., Tenn.