Georgia Investigators Seize Fire Dept. Records

State investigators and the district attorney collected records from the Columbus Dept. of Fire & EMS after receiving word the department may have committed criminal acts in its record handling.

Smith, the GBI agent heading the fire department investigation the district attorney requested, said Tuesday that the day care fire was just one of several issues for which authorities sought paperwork from the department.

After agents left his office, Fire Chief Jeff Meyer told reporters the probe ultimately will benefit the department by proving its record keeping is accurate and properly maintained. "In a way, it's just another way to validate what we do in the department," he said. "Over the past four or five years, we've probably been the most scrutinized departments in city government, if not one of the most scrutinized."

He said his workers are cooperating with investigators and expect no wrongdoing will be uncovered.

"I am confident that the truth will come out, in the end," he said.

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