Fla. Fire/EMS Supervisors Fired For On-Duty Sex

Engaging in sex while on the clock and in EMS and fire stations has led to the firing of three Florida fire and rescue officials and the suspension of another.

Two Polk County EMS supervisors and a battalion chief were fired, and a deputy chief was suspended, according to Fox 13.

Officials in Bartow said they were alerted to the activity by the boyfriend of EMS Supervisor Shellie Krauklis, the station reported.

Fire officials said their probe determined Krauklis engaged in sex acts with medical supervisor Michael Tomlinson and battalion chief Trampas Fletcher, and she also exchanged inappropriate text messages with deputy chief Michael Choate.

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The report released by the fire department added that Krauklis admitted to as many as 15 encounters with Fletcher, who conceded he engaged in sex acts while on duty.

Krauklis told investigators she engaged in sex acts with Tomlinson about five or six times. They determined Tomlinson's denial of on-duty activity was not credible, reporters noted.

Choate has been suspended without pay for seven days for exchanging inappropriate text messages with the woman, but officials say he did not engage in physical contact on or off duty. He will also spend a year on probation, according to the report released Wednesday.

Fire Chief David Cash told reporters: "We're all human. These are good employees that made a bad decision.”