Firehouse Product Showcase Debuts in San Diego

A brand new feature was debuted at Firehouse World in San Diego – a product showcase featuring the latest products a host of vendors were demonstrating at the two-day trade show.

Placed front and center near the main entrance to the show floor in the San Diego Convention Center, 14 vendors and manufacturers displayed their products and a brief description to whet show attendees appetite to learn more by going to the vendors booths on the show floor.

All 14 of the products displayed are featured here in a photo rotation with captions and contact information for those who would like to learn more about the products.

Advanced Systems Co. – Portable misting fan trailers were featured by Advanced Systems Co. Information about the product, which was on the show floor, was featured in the showcase. The trailers are designed for large events like fire rehab areas and outdoor events. They are 100 percent contained mounted on mobile trailers. Click here for more information.

Binder E-Z Lift – Binder E-Z Lift is a lifting harness designed for assistance of ambulatory patients with non-traumatic injuries. It is non-mechanical, lightweight and allows for team member lifting by incorporating seven to nine handles around the lift. Click here for more information.

Bullard – Bullard’s newest thermal imaging camera, the T4N was on display. The new camera meets the requirements of NFPA’s 1801 2013 edition for the fire service. It’s meant for use in hazardous locations and offers two operational modes. Click here for more information.

Community LifePort System – A rugged case designed for iPads by Community LifePort Systems, was on display. It is the first case of its kind designed for firefighters. The complete system Includes vehicle charging docks and bulk storage. Security units are available to maintain fully charged IPads ready for use. Click here for more information.

CrewBoss – CrewBoss Interface PPE was displayed in the product showcase. The product has become a staple in the urban interface landscape. The ensemble includes a jacket and pants designed to provide increased functionality and thermal protection on the fire line. The garments can be customized to meet unique specifications. Click here for more information.

ESS – The all-new NFPA-certified FirePro 1971TM structural firefighting goggles from ESS was part of the lineup for the Firehouse World product showcase. The new goggles are designed to be liter, better fitting and not to interfere with fire helmets. The eye protection is based on the number one selling military goggles, the ESS Profile NVGTM. Click here for more information.

HexArmor – Extrication gloves by HexArmor were displayed in the Showcase. The EXT Rescue series gloves are designed entirely by first responders. Comfort and dexterity are combined with the highest level of impact protection. The gloves are 20 times more cut resistant than leather. Click here for more information.

Kestrel 4600 Heat Stress & Environmental Meter – This device from Kestrel is designed to protect firefighters and HazMat responders by measuring, monitoring and logging environmental conditions. It is designed and manufactured by NK in the USA. Click here for more information.

Raveon ATLAS PT Tracker – Raveon’s ATLAS PT Tracker, man-down locator, provides critical, real-time position and location information as well as emergency alert for first responders and firefighters operating anywhere, anytime in any weather, according to the maker. Click here for more information.

Res-Q-Jack SUPER X Strut – Res-Q-Jack displayed its SUPER X stabilizing strut. It features a threaded collar in place of the standard pins. It’s designed not only for vehicle stabilization, but is designed for collapse and trench rescue as well. Click here for more information.

Nupla Pry Bars – Nupla had a couple of its pry bars on display which are available in lengths from 30 to 50 inches, single or double end. Nuplaglas handled bars are insulated from heat, cold and electrical shock. They carry a lifetime warranty. Click here for more information.

SpeedSwivel FDC Adapters – SpeedSwivel offers a solution for stolen or vandalized fire department connections on buildings. Adapters are available for stolen wall and post-mounted Siamese fire department connections. Click here for more information.

Tablet Command – A fire management application was displayed by Tablet Command. The electronic screen tablet is designed to give the incident commander the ability to map emergency scenes, deploy resources, measure progress against checklists and time stamp every maneuver and benchmark through the incident. Click here for more information.

ZuumCraft – ZuumCraft displayed an electric personal transport vehicle designed for responders. It features a top speed of 20 MPH, patented integrated steering dynamics, stable operations for rider safety at a cost of one-third to one-half that of competing products. Click here for more information.