N.Y. Firefighter Shot on Christmas Eve Tells His Story

A West Webster firefighter injured in a Christmas Eve ambush that killed two colleagues shared his story with a bipartisan House panel Tuesday.

This has been a life changing event for me. As if losing two good friends would not be enough I am dealing with personal disabilities. The loss of function of your arm and hand is hard to comprehend until you experience it. I would never have imagined how hard it is to do simple day to day things or what you cannot do anymore. Simple things like getting dressed, tying your shoes, opening a bottle, jogging, the list goes on and on. I am a very handy person and like to repair and fix things on my own, at this point I cannot do any of this now.

This tragedy also impacted my family. I called my wife from the ambulance to tell I was on the way to the hospital and had been shot. While I couldn't see her face I could hear the fear in her voice. That call led to a chain of events that instilled the same fear in my children and my mother. Over the next two days they spent countless hours sitting in the ICU waiting room praying that I would be OK and then coming to the hospital daily for the next two weeks..."