Ice Shatters Windshield of Ind. Fire Truck; Driver Hurt

The driver of an Indiana fire truck was injured Tuesday morning when a chunk of ice shattered the windshield.

The ice that flew off another vehicle struck the Wayne Township fire truck about 10 a.m., according to The Indy Channel.

A large slab of ice flew off the pickup truck and struck the fire truck, knocking the windshield out on the driver's side. But, the injured driver managed to safely stop it.

"I saw a vehicle coming at us and snow and ice came off the roof and like a second later, it was in the windshield," Firefighter Matt Ervin told reporters. "(The windshield) came up real close and hit me right in the forehead."

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Ervin was injured but was able to safely bring the fire truck to a stop. The driver of the pickup truck continued east on 21st Street, officials said.

Ervin was taken to IU West Hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. Other firefighters on the truck were not injured.

"We're lucky we didn't get hurt worse," Ervin said.