Burned Md. Firefighter Recalls Fire, Recovery

Prince George's County Firefighter Daniel McGown, burned four years ago, writes about his ordeal.

As it always has since this the morning of April 8th 2009, and as it always will till the day I die, I am forever thankful to the men who effected the rapid and safe removal of me, the men who provided not only exceptional pre-hospital care, but the most amazing comfort and re-assurance while en-route to D.C., keeping me calm and preventing me from freaking out. But also the men and women of the Burn Unit, and the men and women of the Washington D.C. Firefighters burn foundation who made this horrible experience for my family and friends as easy and painless as humanly possible. Because of everyone's involved knowledge, training, RESCUE SQUAD 33's driver Curtis Patterson's gut feeling to throw a ground ladder to the furthest window from the bulk of the fire and precision skills by all involved,

I was able to return to work one day short of the three month mark and more importantly, able to live and love another day! NO MATTER WHAT PART OF THE WORLD YOU ARE IN, WHO YOU RUN/RIDE WITH, TRAIN LIKE YOUR LIFE DEPENDS ON IT, BECAUSE WELL GUYS N GALS, IT DOES!!! In a training scenario, place your self in the most screwed up, beyond reasonable comprehension, zero visibility environment, and un-screw your self! From what I have seen/read, it seems to be the "bread and butter" alarms that get us!!! Never be complacent, try your best to know where you are and your way out! Remember the basics, it will save your life!!! As always, thank you to those involved, those who sent prayers and well wishes for my family, friends and myself, both in person and in spirit, as well as across the WORLD, but also to the North Beach Volunteer Fire Department for taking care of my families house chores while they stayed by my side from 4 A.M.

April 8th to the day I was released, and any others I may have forgotten!!! As my father said during my release from the hospital interview with the news, he has been on the opposite side of this many times during his 24 year career, the last 13 being a part of the Command Staff, and was never really sure if the support system they (the Prince George's County Fire/EMS Department) provided really worked, but being on the receiving end, it showed it really did. I, and I am sure along with him, thank everyone, big an small, near and far for your support during this very trying time for me, but more importantly my family and friends!!!!!!!

Please excuse and spelling or grammar issues as I am typing this with shaking hands..